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Optional vs. Forced Like Gating

As a publisher, having dropped some files, you have likely stumbled upon a feature titled “Like Gating”. If not, just access your Dashboard and see the details of one of your Drops.

Like Gating is an awesome feature to grow your fan base in a hurry. Once enabled, your Drop download will be locked to people not liking your Facebook Page yet. That said, everybody who wants to grab your Drop needs to first Like your Page (it’s done right within the download flow) in order to actually start the download.

Starting today, we officially provide two modes of Like Gating: Optional and Forced.


Optional Like Gating
When activated, people can decide whether or not they want to Like your brand on Facebook. You leave this decision up to them. If your content is awesome and people dig your brand, they will most likely Like you anyway. However, since Like Gating is optional, they might also click the Skip link that’s available and therefore avoid the Like.

View Live Example: Hexsagon – Dave Brubeck Beat Tape by The Find Magazine


Forced Like Gating
When activated, people are actually forced to Like your Page in order to download your Drop. There is no way to avoid that step. If you feel that you’re giving away a real banger and you want to grow your fan base by any means, that’s your choice right there.

View Live Example: 2012 Holiday Road Trip Mixtape by NoiseTrade

Which mode should I choose?
This one is totally up to you. Both features provide great value in terms of getting new fans. However, you may want to make that decision based on how valuable you feel your Drop is. Choose Optional Like Gating if your Drop is cool, but nothing you wouldn’t have shared as a simple free download piror to dropify. Go with Forced Like Gating if you feel like your Drop is really special and an awesome giveaway that should at least earn a Like in return. Remember, each Drop case is different and you should ask yourself if you were willing to Like what you’re offering if you saw it elsewhere.

Where do I find the Like Gating settings?
As stated above, this feature is available for each of your Drops individually. Log in into your account and just click one of your Drops in the Dashboard overview. You find the Like Gating settings on the right hand side, right underneath your Drop cover image.

Happy Dropping!

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