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Dropify Ends Its Service

We are sorry to inform you that Dropify will discontinue its service.

Due to Facebook’s latest changes to its platform, our service will become obsolete on November 5, 2014. Like-Gating will no longer be possible, thus completely disabling our core premium feature. There is nothing we can do to prevent this move by Facebook. For more information, please refer to Facebook’s official statement:


What does this all mean to you?

The Dropify website and your account will remain active until October 31, 2014. This will give you time to download all your files – if needed.

If you are a premium user your paid subscription will automatically be cancelled. Your credit card will no longer be charged. Your credit card and billing information will be deleted once we shut down the entire service on November 1, 2014.

On November 1, 2014, all publisher profiles including all hosted files will be deleted. You don’t have to request a cancellation of your publisher profile or manually perform the deletion of your files.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a loyal customer who helped us build out this great platform. Apparently, all good things must come to an end.

We wish you all the best!
The entire Dropify team


Introducing Dropify Download 2.0

In January 2013, we launched Dropify with the intention of presenting quality free downloads in beautiful and engaging fashion, while helping our publishers get more fans on Facebook. Social integration has always been a key component since day one. However, despite numerous great success stories, the past few months have proven that there was still room for improvement, which is why we went back to the drawing board.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the public release of Dropify Download 2.0.


{Click for enlarged view}

At its core, Dropify is about your free digital content. Your free downloads are a valuable asset to engage your followers and customers at almost no cost. Since the launch of Dropify, music artists, DJs, authors, photographers, and many other content creators have reached thousands of new people with the downloads they provided via the Dropify platform. We’ve seen some brands double their Facebook Likes in almost no time; all due to quality content that has gone viral with the aid of Dropify.

The driving purpose behind Dropify Download 2.0 is to provide our publishers with a more intuitive presentation of their downloads, and advanced social integration that always keeps these downloads rolling – all in a modern “landing page”-like interface that makes downloading your files a real pleasure. At the same time, we want people to intuitively navigate through your Dropify download, like it’s natural to them. 

Dropify Download 2.0 comes loaded with a set of new features. The complete download presentation has been revamped, from the overall flow, user comments, social integration, recommendations, and more.


{Click for enlarged view}


We wanted to take a second to point out the most striking updates that we think you’ll love:

  1. The Flow – In version 1.0, people had to click “get file” (step 1), like (step 2 / given that Like Gating was active), recommend (step 3), and click “download” (step 4) in order to actually receive the free file. Obviously, this was NOT what you’d consider a convenient user experience. The new flow is smooth as silk: click “download file” (step 1) and instantly receive the file! That’s right, no more steps in between, unless the publisher has activated Like Gating (step 2). We’ve completely banned the fourth step and put the recommend to friends screen as the third and final step (or 2nd / given that Like Gating is inactive). It makes so much more sense, as people can now actually experience the content they just downloaded, before recommending it to friends who might be into it as well.

  2. UI / Design – We felt that the old Download was too generic and didn’t look right, especially when there wasn’t a quality cover artwork attached to your Drop. The new interface is all about a clear structure and it’s visually rich. There is a top bar which hosts all actions the user can perform (Download, Like, Share, Subscribe). These are visible at all times, and no longer part of the click-through process. The center of the page visually presents the download itself, displays people who already downloaded the file and lists comments that were written about it. The sidebar offers a file description and recommendations, based on what you’re looking at. All interaction happens within the cover area, ensuring that all other key options always stay in their original place.

  3. User Comments – It was about time! Never download a file again, that no one else would actually recommend. People can now comment on each download, giving you an idea of its quality. Of course, you can join the conversation yourself right off the bat. Just enter your comment and submit it. No need to create an extra account; you do it all via your Facebook user that you’re connected with to the Dropify app. As with any other quality commenting system, you can up-vote and down-vote other user comments.

  4. Visually Recommend – You can now visually select 1-5 friends from your Facebook friends list that you feel might be interested in the free file you just downloaded. Simply click on one of the profile images of your suggested friends, or enter a specific name into the search field.

  5. SoundCloud Integration – This comes in handy for all music artists and DJs on Dropify. If you have a SoundCloud profile and want to enable people to listen to your free music prior to downloading it, all you have to do is enter your Track URL or Track ID in your Drops’ settings. An audio play button will be placed on the cover, allowing for a one-click audio preview. Be sure to update your existing Drops with the SoundCloud preview, by adding the URL via “Dashboard > Drop Details > Edit Content”.

  6. Social Sharing – Share the free download to all your favorite social network with a single click, copy its short URL, and email it to friends. No longer do you have to run through the complete download process. It’s right up top at all times.

  7. Guest Downloads – It’s now possible to let users, who don’t want to connect to the Dropify app, download your files. Guest Downloads can be activated in your Publisher Settings. It’s located right below the Facebook settings. Please note: Facebook Like Gate does not work for guests. It’s totally up to you though, whether or not you want to provide that option.

Live Preview

Check out these live Drops to see Dropify Download 2.0 in action:

Thank You

Dropify has always been built to provide publishers with a super easy way of providing their content and for people to discover and download this content in engaging fashion.

Your inspiring feedback – from publishers and users alike – is deeply woven into the fabric of Dropify Download 2.0. It have been your ideas that sparked this major update! Thank you for helping us achieve today’s result and your continued support.

Let us know what you think about Dropify Download 2.0 by commenting below or on Twitter (@Dropify).

Want to offer your own free downloads via Dropify? Get started for free at http://dropify.com.

Please do not hesitate to contact support with any questions you might have.


The Facebook App on iOS7


There is a lot of negative buzz surrounding the redesign of iOS7. And yes, we didn’t like what we saw at first glance either. Such a fundamentally different approach can only come shocking at first, but let’s not waste further time to discuss those weird new homescreen icons. Let’s rather focus on what we think iOS7 does right and how this can be applied to optimize a popular app like Facebook.

After the WWDC keynote we’ve reviewed Apple’s developer documentation for iOS7 to see how we can optimize our mobile web app for the new operating system. To better understand the design decisions that went into the operating system we had a try at updating the native Facebook app to the new design.

Apple describes the iOS7 themes as follows:

  • Deference. The UI helps users understand and interact with the content, but never competes with it.

  • Clarity. Text is legible at every size, icons are precise and lucid, adornments are subtle and appropriate, and a sharpened focus on functionality motivates the design.

  • Depth. Visual layers and realistic motion heighten users’ delight and understanding.

Applying those themes to the Facebook app, we tried to remove visual clutter and optimize legibility with bigger font sizes. Apple is introducing Dynamic Type with iOS7, which will help scaling text and allow users to set a prefered text size for all their applications. The use of Helvetica Light within the operating system earned alot of negative critique for being hard to read for longer text parts, but for the short Facebook posts we think it looks quite solid. Removing the icons for Like, Comment and Share was a try at emulating the look of the native iOS7 apps. What we really like about the new UI is the use of transparency. If you look closely at our mockup, you will notice the sample image we used expands underneath the new transparent navigation bar in iOS7. We kept this mockup very basic, but still we think it makes Facebook a better app with the content being the clear focus and UI chrome taking a backseat.


Click Here
to view a comparison between iOS6 & iOS7 at 100%.

One thing we also need to mention is the importance of the native iOS7 UI Dynamics. They will play a big role in the redesign of Facebook. If you’ve watched the launch of Facebook Phone you saw how much effort they put into making the interface more pleasant and playful with the help of animation and physics. These kind of physics are now available natively for all iOS developers with the new UI Dynamics. You can see how it works by checking out this video of the new messages application and watch how the chat bubbles seem to be sticky when scrolling:

Another interesting video is this demo of a developer who applied some UI Dynamics to his test application:

These kind of effects will give a new feeling to touch applications and we are looking forward to what Facebook will create.


Dropify and Twitter – How to Get More Followers

Dropify’s core strength is its seamless integration with Facebook and their Open Graph. Not only does Dropify serve as an awesome visibility booster for your files, but it also makes them go viral, gaining you new fans in the process. Recent cases impressively have shown how much attraction you can gain with cool content and the use of Dropify.

So, what about Twitter? Have we really restricted Dropify to only Facebook? Of course not. The following gives you an idea of how Dropify can also get you Twitter mentions and even followers.

Tweets by people who download your Drop

Dropify’s download flow (the process of downloading your Drop) always ends with a screen that allows people to share your Drop-URL on Twitter and Pinterest. We noticed that a great amount of people actively uses these options. Given that you entered your Twitter handle in your account settings, the share dialogue will look like this:


A default message is generated which includes your Twitter handle, referencing to you as the publisher, along with the type and title of your Drop.

Note: If you don’t enter your Twitter handle in the publisher settings, the dialogue will show your generic publisher name instead.

Follow the publisher

Once the user’s posting of his Tweet is confirmed, he’s suggested to follow the publisher on Twitter. Since the Tweet implies a certain appreciation of the Drop, chances are good the user may also want to follow the publisher. He can do so via a single click.


Twitter link on the publisher’s profile

Your publisher profile will display a direct link to your Twitter profile, assuming that you’ve entered it in the publisher settings. People come across your Dropify publisher profile via different sources (e.g. the Drop’s description in a Facebook post).

We’re soon going to add even more Twitter linkage, further enhancing the integration of Twitter in Dropify.

Haven’t entered your Twitter handle yet? Be sure to do so right now via publisher settings. Go to Dropify > Dashboard (just hover the menu) > Publisher Settings.


Dropify Pricing Updates – Get Twice as Much

Today, Dropify is pleased to announce an update to its service plans which we are making immediately available to all customers. There’s now more to Dropify for the same price you’ve been paying.

In an ongoing effort to simplify our service, Dropify now has an easier to grasp feature structure throughout the plans available.

Bigger Drops for Everyone

First of all, we’ve doubled the maximum upload size per each file for all four plans, ranging from 50 MB (Free) to 100 MB (Small) and 500 MB (Medium), while concluding with 1 GB (Large).

Ramped up Like Limits

In addition to the unlimited Drop upload that comes with all plans (except the Free one), we’ve increased the Like limit across-the-board. Being one of the most beloved and powerful features of Dropify, we wanted to make it even more affordable to our publishers. As a result we’ve doubled the limit for Small and Medium to 10,000 and 50,000 Likes, respectively. This comes in handy for those who might already have been close to the limit. Keep watching your fan base grow without paying anything extra for a while.


Our updated Large plan – which we might as well label Unlimited by now – has received the most radical update: Unlimited Likes. That’s right, there are no more boundaries to your Like Gating when going Large, making it perfect for business and personal Pages of bigger size, and covers absolutely everything our platform has to offer, including unlimited Drops and 1,000 MB in storage per file.

Visit our pricing page for all the details about the plans, their cost, and their features.

Upgrading Is Easy

Upgrading to one of our new plans is easy. Simply go to your Account Details > Summary of your Plan > Upgrade, and select the plan that best suits your needs. If you are a current subscriber to Dropify, you simply continue to pay what you have been paying with all of the new updates automatically added to your account.

If you have any questions, just let us know via support. Thanks for using Dropify!

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